Online Guitar School

Making you a better musician

At Online Guitar School you can choose from a range of different educational experiences.

Individual guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons and ukulele lessons where the pace, the style and the content of the lessons are tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the student

Regular group lessons packed with practical examples of chords, scales, technical drill and chord progressions 

Grade oriented courses and workshops to ensure that the students can get the best possible results out of their uk grade exam (Rockschool, Trinity and MTB).

Interactive workshops with exciting and engaging content

Students online concerts and performances

Individual Lessons

One on one lessons are the best way to get all of the teacher’s attention on your needs and goals. Some of us learn best from a more analytical approach and some just feel the music in a more organic way. The ways students respond to challenges, success and targets are individual and at Online Guitar School we do out best to adjust the lessons to your rhythm, style and objectives.

Group Lessons

The Bass Club and the Guitar Club are regular weekly online events organised by the Online Guitar School.

These fun and accessible sessions are run by experienced ukelele and guitar teacher Rodrigo Lemos of the Online Guitar School. The atmosphere is informal and focused on learning to experience the fun in music creation as well learning chords, scales and technical exercises.

Every class involves playing through a selection of warm-up exercises, chords and scales which we then use to explore a song normally chosen by the participants

Sessions last 45 minutes and are aimed at beginners to intermediate players but we try to include something for everyone to make it interesting to all participants.

You can join via zoom on any smartphone or tablet but the session is better experienced through a laptop or desktop computer screen and using headphones or decent speakers.

Grade Exam Courses

Get the best possible results on Rockschool, Trinity and MTB exams

Band workshops

Group lessons focused on teamwork

Rodrigo Lemos is a qualified and experienced musician, having taught hundreds of students guitar, bass, ukulele, music theory and band workshops.

He runs the Online Guitar School which offers a wide variety of activities directed at music teaching.

Rodrigo has a degree in Music Performance and Production from Middlesex University and has taken part in numerous recordings and performances.

His use of cameras, screen sharing, diagrams, loops, beats and backing tracks make the online experience fun and clear to understand.